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Tan-Luy scion comes of age: Edrick Luy takes his seat in Macroasia, takes over Triton Securities

Her tita Vivienne Tan urged him to follow his Hollywood dream, but Edrick Luy just can’t leave the family business.

The 24-year old apo of bilyonaryos Lucio Tan and Enrique T. Luy (son of copra king Luy Kim Guan) is finally coming of age.

Edrick Tan Luy is set to join Tan’s Macroasia Corp. as a director. He will seat beside his cousin, Lucio “Hun Hun” Tan III, who took his dad’s (Bong Tan) seat on Macroasia late last year.

Edrick had previously taken over as president of Triton Securities. He also sits on the board of Pan Asia Securities, led by his mother, Irene Tan Luy, daughter of Tan.

Edrick, who raps and sells cool stuff on the side, admitted that he wasn’t keen on taking over the family business at first. His tita, Vivienne Tan, was egging him to pursue his Hollywood dream.

But his life changed when his father, broker Edwin Luy, passed away two years ago.

“It’s definitely something I was thrown into. I’ll admit if things didn’t play out the way that it did, I’d never really come into this industry,” admitted Edrick in a blog by his friend Carlo Herrera.

“I think even though you don’t want to really be in the industry they were in, I think you can learn to love that. You do it for them—you do it for your family. I learned to love this industry and it’s hard; everyday is a learning curve. I’m learning to love it, but I’m still learning the ropes. It’s hard this kind of job,” said Edrick.

Edrick is adamant that he wants to be his own man and not be known as a clone of his Lolo Lucio.

“Contrary to popular belief, I don’t really believe in everything he says; I’m my own person—I mean to be like him, is of course a dream come true, but by no means at all do I try to model myself after him, by no means at all do I try to seek out information about his business that’s from him because I want to be my own person, make my own mistakes, do everything… I don’t believe in stressing yourself out too much, like going crazy or biting off more than you can chew,” said Edrick.

Edrick said his parents trained him well on the value of work.

“I think it’s a big misconception that people think that I don’t really have to work—I really didn’t grow up like that. I wasn’t raised that way and my parents weren’t raised that way,” said Edrick.

“From the very start, we were taught; whatever you want in life, you have to work for it. We weren’t given allowance. If I wanted something, I had to work for it. If I wanted a new shirt, my dad would make me do some stupid job like maybe clean his closet, fold his clothes—little things to instill the idea that nothing in life is free,” he added.

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