Silver Swan, Datu Puti still among Filipinos' favorite brands
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Silver Swan, Datu Puti still among Filipinos’ favorite brands

NutriAsia’s Silver Swan and Datu Puti remained among the most.well-loved brands in the country, based on the 2021 Kantar Asia Brand Footprint report.

Silver Swan rose to second place of the rankings in Most Chosen Brands in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) category while Datu Puti was the fourth most favorite consumer brand in the food category.

Another NutriAsia product, UFC also made it to the winner’s circle, taking the 12 th spot for the Most Chosen Brand in Food for 2020.

“We are truly grateful to Filipino consumers across the nation for supporting and relying on NutriAsia products for their everyday needs, especially during the pandemic. This accomplishment and recognition reinforce our commitment to bringing everyone quality and affordable products that make for countless Masarap, Masaya moments at home,” said Mario Mendoza, NutriAsia’s Broad Culinary Marketing Group Head.

The Brand Footprint uses Consumer Reach Points (CRP) as basis for the rankings.

This measures how many households across the country are buying the brand, and how often they were bought.


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