Ambabait Ninyo! QC resto asks for kindness after customer goes on Tiktok rant

Ambabait Ninyo! QC resto asks for kindness after customer goes on Tiktok rant

A Quezon City restaurant known to be a favorite of couples took the high road in responding to a disgruntled guest who posted a Tiktok rant because of an employee’s mistake.

Ninyo Fusion Cuisine admitted its staffer erred in failing to note the couple’s preferred menu when the customer called to reserve a table for a romantic dinner this month.

“Upon checking, the staff member realized that the customer’s specific menu request was not noted in the Reservations form. The staff member returned to the customer and apologized for their mistake, and then offered them other available set menus, to which they agreed and ordered the Paris set menu,” said the restaurant, which is owned by chef Nino Laus.

Ninyo said the couple walked out when the waiter was about to serve their first course. They weren’t charged for the food cooked or the romantic setup prepared for them.

“To try to make up for our mistake, we offered a free dinner for her and her boyfriend for the menu they originally wanted, and mentioned they can message us anytime should they like to avail of their free date,” the restaurant said.

Acknowledging the impact that negative social media posts might have on their business, Ninyo appealed to customers to let the management try to fix a problem first before posting about it online.

“Publicly posting a complaint does not help us improve and does more harm than good – it can tear down a small business, along with the people who depend on it for survival,” Ninyo said. “It has been a tough year for everyone including our industry. Let us help each other become better and spread kindness so that we may all rise together.”

“Our team works hard to get it perfect every single time. But the truth is that we are imperfect people, and like everybody else, we also make mistakes. Every mistake is a learning experience for us, a chance to be better than we were, an opportunity for growth. In this case, we have taken actions to improve our reservations system and staff training,” it said.

The restaurant also appealed for cool heads to prevail and for potential diners not to judge too quickly.

“Dear guests, we cannot promise that we will give you a perfect dining experience one hundred
percent of the time. But what we can promise is that we will put our whole hearts into the food
we prepare and the service we give to make you happy. That is always our end goal,” it said.


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