Joey Concepcion on PH COVID-19 situation: Don't panic because we've come a long way

Joey Concepcion on PH COVID-19 situation: Don’t panic because we’ve come a long way

Panic is an enemy.

Joey Concepcion took to Instagram to share his thoughts about the rising COVID-19 cases in the Philippines.

His hope is that his fellow Filipinos will fight the urge to panic because it won’t be helping anyone at this point.

“It sends the wrong message – especially to the vaccine hesitant – that vaccines don’t work. It paralyzes the economy and makes it impossible for the country to generate enough revenue to pay back the trillions we now owe because of the pandemic,” Joey wrote.

What, we, Filipinos must realize is that we’ve come a long way, according to Joey, because this realization will give everyone the confidence to live with COVID-19.

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