White Castle’s calendar girl reveal trends on the internet

WhiteCastle’s calendar girl reveal trends on the internet

It seems as though Destileria Limtuaco’s decision to break the trend of casting sexy female celebrities as calendar girls for its WhiteCastle Whisky is a big hit with netizens.

After casting Ninong Ry as their celebrity calendar man last year, they are doing it again this year by naming TikTok star Sassa Gurl as their calendar girl for 2022.

The LGBTQ+ internet celebrity grew famous for her MIMA ng LAHAT post on TikTok and gained millions of followers as a result. Striking two fierce poses in swimsuits, Sassa Gurl, aka Felix Petate Jr. in real life channelled his inner sexy vixen.

Game changer, winner! And powerful! were only some of the adjectives posted by social media users upon learning of Sassa Gurl’s new gig.

The post has almost 3,000 comments with most of them being encouraging, and hilarious. Much like Sassa Girl herself.

Founded by Chinese immigrant Lim Tua Co,Destiliria Limtuaco is now headed by its fifth generation leader Olivia Limpe Aw.

Whitecastle is known for making calendars featuring female celebrities wearing bikinis while riding a white horse.


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