Sanga-sanga na! Bongbong swears he hasn't seen Yamashita gold which Imelda claims is source of Marcos fortune

Sanga-sanga na! Bongbong swears he hasn’t seen Yamashita gold which Imelda claims is source of Marcos fortune

Presidential bet Bongbong Marcos is adamant he has never seen any glint of General Yamashita’s fabled gold loot.

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“Balitang-balita, hindi lang sa Pilipinas, na mayroon talagang Yamashita Gold. Pero sa buong buhay ko hindi pa ako nakakakita ng gold—ng ganiyang (Yamashita Gold),” said Marcos in an interview with TV5’s “Sa Totoo Lang.”

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‘Marami akong kilala saan saan naghuhukay, pero ako wala pa akong nakitang gold na sinasabi nila.Baka may alam sila, sabihan ako, kailangan ko ‘yung gold. wala pa ko nakikitang gold,” he added.

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Maros made the claim 30 years after her mother, Imelda Marcos, declared during her bid for the presidency in the 1992 elections that her husband’s secret fortune was not built on embezzled government funds but on the Yamashita gold he found after World War II.

In a report by Associated Press, Imelda said her husband kept his Yamashita gold find a secrete because “the amount was so huge it would be embarrassing.” AP said this was the first time a member of the Marcos family commented publicly on the rumors of the family’s Yamashita treasure.


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