Want a pay rise? Top 10 jobs with rising salaries

Want a pay rise? Top 10 jobs with rising salaries

The unprecedented global health crisis has brought disruptions in the job market but some employers offered salary increases in 2021 to attract applicants.

According to JobStreet’s latest Salary Report, 49.7 percent of job advertisements in the online recruitment platform offered pay rise from January to September last year.

In a briefing Wednesday, JobStreet country manager Philip Gioca said the average salary increase last year was 22.9 percent higher than 2020.

Gioca said the Philippines trailed behind Singapore in terms of the number of employers that offered salary hike last year.

By industry, 67 percent of job postings related to education on JobStreet offered pay rise last year. This was followed by public service (64 percent), social services (52 percent), electrical/electronics (50 percent), computer/ information technology (48 percent), marketing and advertising (48 percent), telecommunication (48 percent), healthcare (48 percent), construction and building (47 percent), and communication service (46 percent).

For entry level, the highest paying jobs are in telecommunications as companies in this industry pay an average of P20,000 a month.

This is followed by computer and information technology (P19,550), communication service (P19,500), consulting (P19,000), insurance (P17,000), electrical/electronics (P17,000), hospitality (P15,500), manufacturing (P15,500), consumer goods (P15,000), and banking and finance (P14,600).

For junior executive positions, top paying jobs are in computer/IT at an average monthly salary of P40,000 followed by consulting (P30,000), communication service (P28,200), banking and finance (P24,000), telecommunication (P24,000), electrical/electronics (P23,000), insurance (P22,490), consumer goods (P22,000), hospitality (P18,000), and manufacturing (P18,000).

The report highlighted that junior executives had the highest median salary growth of 6.4 percent last year, or around P1,500 worth of pay rise.

Junior executive positions are those that require experience of more than a year up to four years.

For supervisorial level, highest job salary offers are in computer/IT (P75,000), consulting (P62,500), communication service (P55,000), insurance (P45,000), banking and finance (P42,500), electrical/electronics (P40,250), consumer goods (P37,000), telecommunication (P36,000), hospitality (P27,000), and manufacturing (P27,000).

Meanwhile, some jobs had pay cuts in 2021 as they were able to fill in vacant jobs from the past years, Gioca said.

About 39 percent of job advertisements related to accounting and finance in 2021 have lower salaries compared to 2020.

“In 2020, many of them were attracting accounting and finance with a high pay rise. But after a year that they have normalized their processes and recruitment, last year, we have seen accounting and finance to have lower offer(s) as compared to 2020,” Gioca said.(PNA)


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