Fastbreak! DOJ green-lights NTC’s award of ABS-CBN’s frequencies to Manny Villar in a month

Fastbreak! DOJ green-lights NTC’s award of ABS-CBN’s frequencies to Manny Villar in a month

The Department of Justice wasted no time in approving the National Telecommunication’s Commission’s (NTC) plan to award frequencies to bilyonaryo Manny Villar, releasing it’s legal opinion in a month’s time.

Bilyonaryo scoop confirmed! NTC gave ABS-CBN frequencies to Villar who waited 16 years for digital TV license

DOJ Chief State Counsel George Ortha II told TV5 that the agency released its legal opinion on NTC’s plan in November last year, a month after the regulator inquired about the legalities of awarding the Channel 2 analog and Channel 16 digital frequencies to Villar’s Advanced Media Broadcasting System (AMBS).

Asa pa kayo! Villar urged to let Duterte’s successor decide who will get ABS-CBN frequencies

Channel 43, which ABS-CBN previously used for broadcasting its TV Plus channels, was awarded to Swara Sug Media Corp, a company owned by Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Apollo Quiboloy, who happens to be President Rodrigo Duterte’s spiritual adviser.

“These two issues are clearly within the power of the NTC… They wanted to clarify if, despite that circular, they can still allocate available frequencies,” Ortha said.

Si Manny lang ang sakalam! Villar takes over ABS-CBN frequencies with the backing of Malacañang, DOJ

Ortha claimed that DOJ didn’t know who would benefit from NTC’s plan to reassign the frequencies vacated by ABS-CBN even if Villar’s daughter-in-law, Emmeline Aglipay Villar, is an Undersecretary at the department.

“It is purely a legal question. There was no particular person or entity mentioned in the request for opinion. In fact, the DOJ is not aware of how there were available frequencie


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