Karl Chua: Lower alert level imminent in the coming weeks

Karl Chua: Lower alert level imminent in the coming weeks

By Eileen Mencias

More business establishments will be allowed to open as mobility restrictions will be relaxed next month, according to Socio economic planning secretary Karl Kendrick Chua.

Chua is confident that the COVID-19 alert level in Metro Manila and nearby areas would be lowered in the next few weeks.

He attributed the change in policy from imposing area-wide lockdowns to a more granular and risk-based approach to the improvement in the economy that allowed for a higher growth than analysts’ estimates.

“This shows our policy is right. We have allowed the economy to open and cases actually fell as we opened the economy prior to omicron,” Chua said.

“The growth is sustainable and we believe it is possible for us to see a lower alert level in the coming weeks,” he added.

Chua said the three indicators that the Inter Agency Task Force are monitoring—the average daily attack rate, the two-week growth rate in cases, and hospital capacity— have shown improvement.

In the National Capital Region, Chua said the IATF noted a significant decline in cases and the hospital capacity was only at 45% and only 10% of those admitted were due to COVID19.


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