9 more firms tap First Gen, EDC as clean energy supplier

9 more firms tap First Gen, EDC as clean energy supplier

More Philippine companies are taking a bold step to decarbonize their businesses by shifting to renewable energy.

First Gen Corp. and wholly owned subsidiary Energy Development Corp. announced Monday that it had been tapped to supply the clean energy requirements of nine companies.

These include Asahi Electrical Manufacturing Corp., Bulacan HJR International, Engtek Philippines, Goldilocks Bakeshop group of companies, HJR International Corp., Mary Grace Cafe (Bluemantle Industries), Puratos Manufacturing, Puresteel Manufacturing and TMC International.

This follows the contract First Gen signed with The Linden Suites.

Under the government’s Green Energy Operation Program (GEOP), companies with an average peak demand of at least 100 kilowatts for the past 12 months can directly source their electricity from licensed providers.

First Gen-EDC said it had the most number of GEOP switchers for the first batch, with 11 out of 17 facilities signing up to avail of this program that allows them to lower their carbon footprint.

“GEOP empowers businesses by giving them this opportunity to take a strong stand for the environment and future-proof their operations as they become a part of the solution to our warming climate,” said Gideon Red Butalid, head of EDC’s Market Planning and Contracts team.

Apart from being able to lower their carbon footprint, GEOP customers may enjoy more affordable electricity rates that mainly come from having zero VAT on generation charges and fixed rates that are not indexed on foreign exchange since power is sourced from indigenous renewable energy sources.

Coal prices continue to soar due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and also due to the peso’s depreciation against the US dollar.

First Gen-EDC has over 1,480 megawatts or about 20 percent of the country’s total installed RE capacity.


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