JC’s CopperMask is Reader’s Digest’s ‘Most Trusted Brand’ of 2022
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JC’s CopperMask is Reader’s Digest’s ‘Most Trusted Brand’ of 2022

JC’s popular product, CopperMask, was hailed as the Philippines’ Most Trusted Brand in 2022 by Reader’s Digest.

The Trusted Brands survey is conducted by Catalyst Research, an independent marketing research company. It provides a precise and objective analysis of consumer confidence in brands driving the Philippine economy.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a forcing change, and the winners of the Philippines’ Most Trusted Brands are
those brands that local consumers recognize are consistently reliable and offer value for money, whatever the
economic climate,” says Sheron White, DIrector for Group Advertising & Retail for Reader’s Digest.

Catalyst Research Average Trust Pillar Scores for Winning Brands
Source: 2022 Trusted Brands Research Survey Result

The 2022 Trusted Brands Awarding Ceremony was held on April 8 at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel. General
Manager Rose Robelou Q. Puga and Assistant Director for Training and Creative Marketing Jeffrey Ang were
in attendance to receive the award on behalf of CopperMask.

“The truest mark of the business will be the trust and quality of the band,” Puga said.

“What you say about your product is who you are as a company. This award is a testament to the dignity and
honor of what CopperMask is about: a good product, honest people, and a virtuous company,” adds Ang.

Products that save lives

CopperMask was introduced in July of 2020, during the height of the pandemic. The product quickly went viral because of its stylish design and unique digital marketing strategy. Initially popular with celebrities and influencers, the proprietary design soon sold like hotcakes after its release. By June of 2021, the brand had Piolo Pascual as brand ambassador, and had collaborated with large companies like the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 and MegaStyle.

CopperMask: Style Up, Mask Up!

Impeccable timing by head honchos Jonathan So and Carl Macadangdang played a major part in the success of CopperMask. The onset of COVID-19 opened a huge demand in the medical device and equipment industry, with revenue booming in 2020 – around the same time the product was launched. The product’s antibacterial properties and ability to kill 99% of coronaviruses made it more appealing to increasingly health-conscious buyers.

JC relaunched CopperMask in September 2021 with an updated design.

A followup to success

After the CopperMask 2.0 relaunch, JC boosted their product line with the ZMask. The new mask had the
proprietary Z-Tech viral filter and offered 4 layers of protection from airborne droplets.

The product is waterproof, and can block 99% of common bacteria and viruses. In line with keeping their mask range stylish, the ZMask’s handcrafted design comes in 11 different colors. Adjustable ear strings aim to provide the best fit for maximum comfort.

One month after the ZMask launch, JC released the CopperMask CMKF94 – the most protective mask in their product line. It was approved by the Food and Drug Authority in October 2021. Fitted with a 4-layer air filter technology that collects microbes as small as 0.4um, the medical-grade variant is safe to wear by front-liners and is fit for medical settings, such as hospitals and clinics.

Investing in people

President & CEO Jonathan So and VP & CFO Carl Macadangdang foresee a more profitable year for their diverse group of companies this 2022. The Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Award for CopperMask is one among many laudes for the two business partners. They were recently named Entrepreneurs of the Year at the 12th Asia CEO Awards, People Asia’s Men Who Matter in 2021 and Entrepreneurs of the Year by the Asia Leaders Awards.

Despite this, the two are adamant about staying consistent with their people-oriented company values.

“CopperMask is an outstanding product line. It’s a testament that Filipinos can create world-class products that are recognized by science, end-users and customers,” JC President & CEO Jonathan So shares. “Thank you to those who participated in the survey and affirmed their trust in our brand.”


CopperMask, ZMask & CMKF94 #AllTheMasksThatYouNeed

“We are not here because of the needs during the pandemic. CopperMask is a brand that will last because we are guided by our desire to help our country and our fellow Filipinos, JC VP & CEO Carl Macadangdang adds. Known for their risk-taking and innovative business style, JC seems to be expanding their product line further this year.

Macadangdang teases:

“Our latest award is like a fuel that revs up our engine to innovate more. Please wait for our next promo and products under our CopperMask brand.”

For more information about CopperMask and their products, visit www.coppermask.ph


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