Manny Villar cheers for his children's continued hard work in public service

Manny Villar cheers for his children’s continued hard work in public service

He’s such a proud dad!

Manny Villar took to Instagram to share his happiness over the success of two of his children, Camille and Mark.

He wrote, “I am really happy to see that Mark’s hard work as DPWH Secretary and Camille’s impressive first term have been recognized by our people.”

Manny then thanked everyone who supported Mark’s senatorial bid and Camille’s reelection as Las Piñas congresswoman.

As a final note, he addressed his children. “And to my children, Mark and Camille, I am very proud of you both! As the Filipino people continue to trust and believe in your abilities, may you both continue your hard work to help and serve our beloved country. Congratulations!,” Manny said.


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