AB Capital Earnings Call: Anton Periquet Jr. taps bilyonaryo partners to educate retail investors, share secrets to success

AB Capital Earnings Call: Anton Periquet Jr. taps bilyonaryo partners to educate retail investors, share secrets to success

The chairman and president of AB Capital Securities Inc. (ABCSI), is targeting to spark financial literacy in the country.

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Bilyonaryo Antonio ‘Anton’ Jose Periquet Jr. hopes to bring retail investors up-close and personal with the top management of listed companies in the Philippine Stock Exchange through exclusive, free of charge, online webinars.

In a statement, Periquet, through “Earnings Call”, ABCSI’s aptly named financial literacy program, aims to take Filipinos’ investment knowledge to a higher level by offering access to company executives and management.

Through these events, the rejuvenated brokerage house hopes to empower Filipino investors by providing them with timely and first-hand information, through its exclusive Zoom meetings and Facebook Live sessions.

Periquet said there is no better way of getting to know a company than by speaking to the founders and principals of the company itself.

He wants traders to have a deeper perspective on the companies that they’re buying – something they don’t just get from reading through the disclosures or research reports.

Periquet will provide more personal stories on successes, failures and motivation of business hotshots like him.

From vice-presidents to founders and CEOs, “Earnings Call” will give the public a VIP access to the roundtable.

“These industry trailblazers are also ordinary people, but with extraordinary work schedules. Many would like to speak to them, but you’d be lucky to get more than a few minutes with them,” said Jovis Vistan, ABSCI vice president and head of research.

“When you realize how much time they are spending with you, to chat and share their stories with you, you will really treasure the opportunity. To them, it just might be a number or a story but when you hear it could turn on a light bulb in you or even rouse something un you. This is why I always look forward to these sessions” he added.

On June 10, ABCSI will feature ultra bilyonaryo Ricky Razon’s Apex Mining Company Inc. (APX), one of the very few businesses that is benefitting from the recent surge of commodity prices around the world, earning P645.5 million in profits during the first quarter of 2022 or a 131 percent increase from last year.

Mr. Billy G. Torres, APX Vice-President for Finance and Mr. Ramon Peter E. Adviento, APX Assistant Vice-President for Corporate Investor Relations, will discuss their full year 2021 and first quarter 2022 results as well as their plans for the rest of the year on “Earnings Call.”.

The webinar is scheduled at 3:30 PM Manila time. To reserve a slot, just click this link: https://bit.ly/APXearningsCall


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